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rick-herring2The TEAM HOPE Purpose Statement:

To Eliminate Poverty and all the injustices that
go with it, all over the world.

I intend to do this by offering YOU an economical
way to acquire your dreams.

On the Marketing Tips Resources Page, You are
offered a true funded proposal that will get YOU,
with a little diligent effort, away to get the $18
needed to fund your project, while giving a second stream of income that YOU can
pass on to others.

With A successful TEAM HOPE operating, we can install rain and snow
capturing  equipment.

Also renewable energy to enable them to have affordable, electricity.

We could upgrade their housing and provide the resources to acquire a nice monthly
income and the ability to help others.

Also there are many small towns that are dying. They have little access to jobs and income.

TEAM HOPE could easily put them in a business that would generate them a nice monthly
income and the ability to help others.

There are many people trying to make it on minimum wage job. They work long hours,
destroy their health and family lives.

A resent survey found no city in the USA, where one could afford a two bedroom apartment
on a minimum wage job and there were some cities where it would be hard to afford even a one
bed room apartment.

TEAM HOPE would provide pregnant women the resources  income to spend time with and
support their newborn.

TEAM HOPE could provide hope for the hopeless… Those that are homeless or in prison…

When there is a disaster, TEAM HOPE could step in and make sure the people there had the
resources to maintain an on going income… and more…

A successful TEAM HOPE would put them in a business and make them profitable. This
would give them a nice income and the freedom to enjoy life.

There is so much more a successful TEAM HOPE such as rebuild our infrastructure, upgrade
our parks, rejuvenate our communities and inner cities… upgrade our medical facilities, concentrate
on preventive healing… and infinitely more…

What will it take to make TEAM HOPE successful? Just a few people joining us and getting
a few people to join them.

To learn more about the Funded Proposal, Click Here.